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Wonderhouse LLC

Wonderhouse LLC Is In The Film Industry

Wonderhouse LLCWhile the film industry is still centered in California, the state’s inhospitable business climate has, in conjunction with the lucrative incentives other states provide to those in the entertainment industry, led to the expansion of the movie-making business far beyond its traditional boundaries. One of the new pretenders to Hollywood’s throne is the city of New Orleans, which offers generous incentives for film producers such as Wonderhouse LLC, as well as an exotic locale that provides a refreshing alternative to the familiar trappings of typical East Coast or West Coast settings.

For a successful film investment fund such as Wonderhouse LLC, scenery is only part of the Crescent City’s attraction. Filming in Louisiana is simply much less expensive than filming in California. Combined with a series of film industry incentives offered by the Pelican State, Wonderhouse LLC has found that the same film budget goes much further and produces a higher quality project at the same or lesser cost than would be possible on the West Coast.

As more and more projects move to the friendly precincts of New Orleans, the city is also building up its local talent base so that California production personnel no longer have to be imported and paid expensive per diem rates while filming is underway. Wonderhouse LLC has found no drop-off in the production quality as a result of using local crews for its projects.

Thanks to its ability to produce quality work at very affordable prices, Wonderhouse LLC has stayed profitable while keeping multiple properties simultaneously on its current expanded production schedule. Awaiting release or already underway are an animated series of Christmas films, an ecological thriller, a more traditional action adventure story, as well as several other comedies and dramas. With such a large slate of projects in development, the investors behind Wonderhouse LLC are undoubtedly anticipating a very entertaining and profitable 2012.

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